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"Orthodox Fasting & Trauma Recovery" Webinar Recording

Nicole Roccas
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Although meant to help loosen the bonds of earthly cares and spiritual struggles, Orthodox fasting can be a source of distress for people who carry unresolved trauma. This webinar, which originally aired at the start of the the 2022 Nativity Fast, explores reasons why this may be the case and provides strategies and reflection questions to help survivors enter into fasting seasons in a spirit of life-giving freedom and safety.

Being able to turn toward Christ in the midst of our recovery journey takes us to the source of healing, and it is my prayer that this talk helps those who struggle take one step closer to Him.

Who this webinar is especially intended for:

  • Survivors of trauma in Orthodox settings who experience greater distress and recurrence of trauma symptoms during fasting seasons or as a direct result of fasting practices;
  • Clergy and confessors seeking to gain tools and insight to better serve others who may have a history of trauma or other wounding life experiences.

What you'll learn:

  • How and why trauma can complicate our ability to participate in the full spirit of fasting days and seasons;
  • Common ways fasting is misunderstood or misused;
  • Reflection questions you can take with you into any fast day or fasting season to help you fast in a way that "loosens the bonds of injustice" and slavery (Isaiah 58), including the bonds we carry within us.

What you'll receive:

  • Streaming access to the 70-minute webinar
  • Access to my slides for easier viewing
  • A guided self-reflection worksheet that you can use and re-use at the start of any fasting season
  • A document with additional resources and sources mentioned in the webinar

This webinar was originally presented in November 2022 as part of a four-part series dealing with spiritual practices for Orthodox trauma survivors.

What others most enjoyed about this webinar:

  • "How Nicole applied Isaiah 58 to trauma recovery. Wow!"
  • "What I most appreciated about this webinar was the pacing because it allows people to process the material."
  • "I liked the integrated, structured reflection and the strength of the presenter's knowledge and research."
  • "I have health issues and struggle also with weight and shame, so fasting can be complicated. This webinar helped me expand my notions of participation in the fast." Feedback obtained from anonymous webinar participants in November 2022.

DISCLAIMER: I examine these issues as a certified trauma-informed coach and am not a licensed mental health practitioner. These learning sessions are not intended to replace pastoral care or spiritual direction.

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Access to the 70-minute webinar as well as links to the slides used and resources mentioned during the talk.


"Orthodox Fasting & Trauma Recovery" Webinar Recording

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